Platinum Level Service, LLC.




We don't mind sharing 30% of our Commission*!


With all things being equal... 

wouldn’t you rather buy a home and get a commission rebate credit at closing?

If you allow Platinum Level Service, LLC.  to be your buyer’s agent

we will reward you with 30% of our commission if you buy a home with us.*

Here's how the  incentive works 


Rebate will only be paid at a successful close of escrow.


Example: You purchase a  home for $200,000 and 3% commission is paid to Platinum Level Service, LLC. you'll then receive your buyer rebate in the amount of $1,800.00 at close of escrow on shown your HUD-1 statement.


It's that simple. The rebate is issued to you as a credit towards your closing costs or options in the event you are purchasing a new homes. Certain terms and conditions apply.  We cannot pay the rebate outside of escrow as this is unethical in the State of Nevada.  If you're financing the purchase, you can use any lender you would like, but we would love you to use our our preferred lender, John Prudhont with Draper & Kramer Mortgage.


         $100,000.00                                       $900 .00 

         $150,000.00                                       $1,350.00

         $200,000.00                                       $1,800.00

         $250,000.00                                       $2,250.00

         $300,000.00                                       $2,700.00

         $400,000.00                                       $3,600.00

         $500,000.00                                       $4,500.00

         $600,000.00                                       $5,400.00

         $700,000.00                                        $6,300.00

*Based upon Platinum Level Service, LLC. receiving a 3% commission from the seller.


*How To Qualify For The Buyer Rebate Program?

1. You MUST sign a buyer representation agreement with Platinum Level Service, LLC. for 6 months


2. Platinum Level Service, LLC. shall be the exclusive buyer's agent/broker for your home purchase

3. Listing Broker/Builder MUST offer the buyer's agent at least a 3% commission on property chosen by the buyer(s). 

4. If you are looking to purchase a New Home, one of our Brokers MUST accompany you to the sales office on your 1st visit (no exceptions). 

5. You are free to attend Open Houses, if any of our Brokers are not with you at the time don’t forget to tell agents that you are represented by Platinum Level Service, LLC.  Give them our business card/contact information and don’t sign-in or provide any information to the agent working at the open house.


Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors Guidelines


In order for our company to receive the Buyer-Agent Commission, the Greater Las Vegas Association rules state we must be the first "point-of-contact" for each property you are considering (known as "Procuring Cause"). This means that you cannot call the Listing Broker directly to talk with them about the property, then call us later and say that you want to buy the property with us as your Buyer-Agent. If you did call the Listing Broker directly, then that Listing Broker may be entitled to the entire listing commission. You would not receive any commission refund from that Listing Broker.

Platinum Level Service, LLC. must have on file a signed Buyer Representation Agreement for each of our Buyer-Clients. This agreement allows us to represent your best interests, and receive the Buyer-Agent commission in your transaction, as long as we were the first "point-of-contact".

Our Buyer-Clients must identify themselves as being represented by Platinum Level Service, LLC. at any open houses they attend if we are not there with you.

You're probably wondering why would we rebate part of our commission to home buyers?


Because we can. Plus since WE ARE THE BROKER,  and not an agent that works for a Broker and we don't have to pay broker fees, agent fees, office fees or anything else out of our commission.  We would rather give our buyers part of our commission! Plus it's perfectly legal to offer incentives in the state of Nevada and California.   For some home buyers, a rebate could be the deciding factor as to whether they should or should not purchase a home, especially with today's competitive Real Estate market and some buyers needing assistance with their closing costs.

We know this sounds too good to be true and sales agents at "other companies" will try to convince you that it's illegal for a real estate agent to give any part of their commission to a client.  To this we say, any consumer can contact the state's department of license and regulations and verify if rebate incentives are legal or not.


How To Begin? Simple...

STEP 1: Email service@platinumlevelservice or call our office to get started 702-879-8090.



  • We are and always will be a Full Service Brokerage

  • We will set you up on automated email campaign with properties that fit your criteria

  • We will schedule all appointments to view your selected properties

  • We will advise you as to current market selling prices

  • We will complete your Offer To Purchase documentation

  • We will strategize with you, and negotiate your offer with the Listing Broker.

  • We will obtain all necessary signatures upon Offer Acceptance.

  • We will guide you every step of the way, from contract contingencies, to title work, to closing.

  • You will get Unparalleled Results

  • We will negotiate the best terms/price and will ensure a seamless and stress free transaction while maximizing your purchasing power


  • We will email you listings that meet your criteria so please check out everything you would like to check out, the areas, homes etc. in the listings you are interested in within 7 days of receiving the listings.  You can of course call or email us with questions about any property.

  • You MUST be ready to close within 90 days of signing our Buyer Representation Agreement or 180 days if you are purchasing a new home.


Will I get the same level of service as I would with a “traditional” broker?

Yes, absolutely! We offer you a rebate not because we reduce the quality of service, but because we give you the choice of how much help you want and need.

You will receive the very same level of service you would from a traditional broker. We even go so far as to say you’ll receive Better Service.

Here is why:

In our business, we concentrate on providing professional services to our clients.

We are very tech savvy – this allows us to keep you fully involved in the transaction by delivering documents and information in the most efficient manner possible.

We do real estate day in and day out – this is our full time business.  Statistics suggest that up to 95% of real estate brokers don’t do enough business to be considered full time practitioners. This really is a business where experience matters and you have to be involved in it full time to keep up with all the changes

We are a Full Service Brokerage both for Buyers and Sellers.

There are no differences other than we offer a rebate to buyers.  We understand the contracts and closing process much better than most agents as we are Multi-State Brokers that have been in business for over combined 40 years.  Starting with the negotiation of the offer and continuing through closing, you will be provided with a high level of service and advice. 


Are Commission Rebates Legal in Nevada?

Absolutely.  Commission rebate or refunds are legal in 40 states, including Nevada.  For a national map of where commission rebates are legal, click this link.  ​The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has a webpage about commission rebates and how great they are for consumers because they reduce closing costs.  


Allows choice of brokerage services

Allows brokers to offer rebates to consumers

Are Commission Rebates Taxable? 

​According to IRS letting ruling 20072103 rebates of real estate commissions are NOT taxable income to purchasers because they represent a reduction in the purchase price of the home.  We should mention that IRS letter rulings apply only to a specific taxpayer and cannot be relied upon as precedent.  You should consult your tax professional with any tax questions about your specific situation.


Can I Obtain a Commission Rebate on the Construction of a new home?

It is possible to save thousands at your new construction closing by using us as your buyer’s broker who can rebate 30% of our commission at closing.  Often the cost of the buyer’s agent commission is built into the price of the home, so the consumer is paying for these costs whether they have a buyer’s agent or not.  Accordingly, a buyer of a new home should always have experienced buyer’s representation for their purchase.  Platinum Level Service, LLC.'s  buyer clients receive a 30% commission rebate and are represented by a brokers experienced with new construction.  If you are thinking about using Platinum Level Service, LLC. on your new construction purchase, it is important that you give us a call as we must accompany you during your initial tour of a model home.  

Am I Required to Use Your Affiliated Title Company?

No.  The buyer may use any title company they would like.

Am I Required to Use Your Preferred Lender?

No, you may use any lender you would like. We recommend our preferred lender, John Prudhont with Draper & Kramer Mortgage.

Can you show me houses?
Absolutely.  We would be happy to show you houses in the Southern Nevada and Southern California areas. If they are outside of the Southern Nevada and Southern California areas, you will have to see them at an open house, with the listing agent, or with another agent.  If this applies, it's best to call us before you go.

Please be sure to call us with anymore questions as we are a Full Service Brokerage


We are your Nevada 

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